1. Tonster MBA

    We are raising $5M USD - Ask me Anything!

    Hey Team OT, I started this company here back in 2013, our first investors are from OT in 2014. We raised $700k in the following years. $1m in 2018, $3m in 2019, and now this round. I moderate Reddit's Entrepreneur community with over 800k subscribers and I am the Entrepreneur in Residence at...
  2. Tonster MBA

    I moderate a 750,000 + subscriber community on Reddit, AMA.

    There are no perks, I am an online baby sitter, and I only field complaints. No one ever messages in affirmations, just whingeing and whining about problems. I have little authority, I can sticky posts, approve posters, add flairs, and lock/delete threads. I get flammed constantly :( Hold...
  3. Tonster MBA

    I have raised $11.7mm over 6 rounds of funding. Ask me anything about start-ups, business, and how to fail!

    I am the moderator over at Reddit Entrepreneur home to over 623,000 fellow founders. I have been involved in start-ups for about 7-8 years with my current venture for the last 6. Some of my first investors were from OT!
  4. Tonster MBA

    Update | FIT Risk Mitigation Platform - Ask me Anything!

    Hello OT Family, I started my entrepreneurial journey on this website so I feel obligated to include my internet bros in our shared success. Having come up with an idea in 2013, I raised my first $100,000 in 2014, with a majority of that coming from OT'rs. We closed additional small amounts of...
  5. flocc-boi

    ART EDU FOOD [Travel] [AMA] Pics from Oman

    I'm gonna try to do this one a little differently and update the thread as I go to new places within a country. I arrived in Oman about 5 days ago (my first flight since starting in Shanghai 4 months ago) and this'll start off with my first 3 days spent exploring Muscat. First thoughts: it's...

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