1. Vatoloco

    TECH I'm switching to Verizon and need a new phone since my LG V40 TMO variant won't work with VZW. Thinking Galaxy S10+ Ceramic with 1TB and 12GB of RAM?

    I could either buy a used LG version of the V40 for ~$390 (new/mint) and sell my current TMO V40 for roughly the same price. Or I could buy a "used for a couple months mint condition" Galaxy S10+ Black Ceramic with 1TB storage and 12GB RAM for $1010 shipped. If I get $390 for my V40, that's...
  2. Vatoloco

    ENT TECH Plex Media Server Crew: Post your most active platforms for the last 6 months...

  3. Vatoloco

    TECH Affordable 1TB MicroSD cards have arrived... Only $450 for 1,000 gigabytes of data crammed into the size of a child's fingernail.
  4. Vatoloco

    TECH SAD DAY: It finally happened -- MKBHD used a clickbait thumbnail for a video šŸ˜”

    I hate click bait thumbnails because they immediately make me believe the content of the video is likely trash even when that isn't the case. 8m31s :wtc: RIP @MKBHD
  5. Vatoloco

    Warning: Turn off your emergency alert sounds and vibrations if you don't want to hear from the dictator in chief:

    You'll have to root your phone to turn off the notification but at least you can disabled the annoying sound. If you don't do this, you are pledging your support to DJT as leader for life. You have been warned.

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