1. mymentalhealthblog

    Check out 'My Mental Health Blog'

    Filled with great tips and advice for your mental health, along with factual information.
  2. Vatoloco

    Google almost always does a pretty terrible job of letting people know what they have...

    For example I didn't know that a free movie section existed on YouTube: Mostly garbage flicks right now but also movies like Rocky, Pink Panther, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Hackers, etc. One of the worst mistakes they...
  3. Vatoloco

    I miss Radio Shack for little purchases like watch batteries...

    I can understand why they filed for bankruptcy and shrunk way down since that's all I ever used them for. There use to be one just a mile or two from my house but now the closest one is about 15 miles away. I need this fucking battery and the only places I can think of to go is something like...
  4. Cicada

    Just Came Back from NYC *Pic Dump*

    Day 1: Arrived around Noon last Saturday; Stayed in LES — lotta Chinese here. Couldn't check into the AirBnB yet, so we dropped off the bags and walked around. Stumbled on the Vice/Munchies Festival: Had a Lobster Roll... And a Pork Belly Bao from Baohaus... Walked around the corner to...

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