1. Auspicious one

    I am looking for a 4x4 used vehicle, pls halp

    Its 4wd
  2. chemicalviper

    I went out for milk v. Came back with full bread van estate

    Green bread van that is. I literally don't even know how to embed images anymore 😂
  3. FX2000

    Is it time for a new battery?

    2018 BMW X5, still on the original battery as far as I can tell. Bimmerlink says battery charge is at 77%
  4. Xicculus

    Went for milk this morning and got the Creation of the World

    Genesis, baby. Feels good.
  5. Gramps

    How do you clear your windshield? POLL

    I typically have the wipers sling it off, but my wiper motor fuse (30amps) blew. First time that’s ever happened.
  6. shiyan

    Track crew: driving/drifting my weird cars (E91 330dA, E46 M3 Compact) on Nürburgring, Spa and Zolder

    After taking quite some years' break from driving on track (work, kids, etc), decided to do some track days again this year with the wife's support - made sure to buy some life insurance before I did so :rofl: Bought the E46 M3 Compact off a guy working for Koenigsegg as it was much cheaper...
  7. guru

    Watch Magneto drive a Porsche on the track

    Some quality content Porsche is producing I think he's following in the footsteps of what Patrick Dempsy has done. Must be nice to have millions to pay to be part of the factory racing team.
  8. UNIMOG Crew V. Imported to explore gold mines

    This Mog comes with an extra front bumper with arm and winch used to drop a person inside the mines holes (crazy ah!) This Mog is original from Belgium Army and Imported to US by previous owner to explore San Bernadino's abandoned gold mines. The only thing not original is it custom battery...
  9. DizzyEdge

    Anyone a fan of old school Japanese sports/sporty cars?

    Used to have an '83 Toyota Celica GT like this but dark blue and a black 1984 Celica GTS which had a blown motor. It looked identical to this, never did get it on the road :wtc: Also had a 1987 Supra turbo like this one Never had, but always had a soft spot for a few other Japanese...

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