1. XxOoLVoOxX

    I'm dogsitting this little guy for a couple days

    He's about 10 months old, house broken, no accidents, did yelp for a while because I wouldn't let him sit on my lap while I'm here in front of my computer. Finally got him a pillow under my desk and he seems happy enough. Not a huge fan of yappy dogs but he's a good guy... so far. /blog
  2. Cicada

    CREW I bought a puppy. v.PYPup

    OH, it's not a rescue? you fucking faggot, there's plenty of good dogs at the shelter OH, it IS a rescue? lol used dogs — get a better job you poor faggot now that that's out of the way, meet Theo 🤙 CHILL 🤙 THEOS 🤙 ONLY
  3. Twat Waffle

    CREW The puppah/dogah group

    We reserved a Tuxedo Goldendoodle. Born 9/10 will bring him home 11/7. Share some tips/tricks to be prepared before the little guy comes home. Share some pics too.
  4. Vatoloco

    Here's my dog this morning as I came back from buying a breakfast burrito:

    Captured from ~4 year old 1920x1080 IP cam on side of house: Another angle from the porch IP camera that is shaded a bit more so it had yet to switch from night to day mode: This is an example of the burrito I came back with: (not the actual burrito but a ham & eggs one from the same...
  5. Vatoloco

    How gross is this?

  6. Vatoloco

    18-year old called 911 to get permission to shoot and kill from the police. DENIED or GRANTED!?

  7. Vatoloco

    Okay. I laughed...

  8. Vatoloco

    ENT NOTICE: Lilo & Stitch is available again on Netflix!

    Best Disney movie of the last 20 years. No arguing that. Don't attempt to watch any sequels. I haven't and I can already say with 100% confidence that it's best to consider only the original was ever made.
  9. Vatoloco

    Post pictures, gifs (pronounced jifs) and/or videos of your dog(s) v.3,864

    Here is my current pooch. She'll be 5 years old in just few months.
  10. Vatoloco

    CREW Dog Crew: Recommend a good harness that discourages pulling on the leash and is easy to put on

    So I have these two right now: The red Top Paw harness lets you attach the leash to front of the harness so whenever my dog sees something like a squirrel or cat on our walks and she tries to take off, it basically just keeps turning her around when she pulls and she's soon forgot about...
  11. Vatoloco

    Android Crew: Have you found the Google Measure App to be useful at all? (screenshot fucked up)
  12. the_antsy_honda

    So I'm dogsitting this weekend

    My Coton Mom's Labradoodle
  13. Vatoloco

    Dog sitting for a few days v.PupThatIsn'tHouseBrokenYet

    So far no "accidents" in the house but it's only been half a day and I've been taking him outside every 2 to 3 hours.
  14. Vatoloco

    This pup is having a great time while stuck in traffic:

  15. Vatoloco

    Some pics from my dog walk on Tuesday...

    I hadn't been down to this wilderness in the middle of the city for quite awhile. Right by my parents house where I grew up so I was always playing there. The guy who owns it all died a couple years ago. Looks like his family has since put up a sign: I ignored it. The old guy who died had...
  16. Vatoloco

    ART I prepped the fire pit for another blaze tonight. It's dark now so I'll light it up any minute now.

  17. Vatoloco

    I prepped a fire for tonight when it gets dark...

    I can't wait to light it up: It started raining as I had it about finished... but I covered it up: In an hour or two I'll update this post with the flames. Hopefully I stuffed enough newspaper and small pieces of wood into the middle to get it burning because I don't have any lighter fluid...
  18. Vatoloco

    CREW Dog Crew: Why won't my pup instantly start chewing on femur bones when I buy them from the butcher?

    She is super excited to get one when I bring them home unfrozen from the store or later when I go to my freezer to give her a new one but after I give it to her she ALWAYS just wanders around the house with it in her mouth for a bit and usually drops it some random place making my nasty flooring...
  19. Vatoloco

    Puppy is super proud of himself (v.RedditRepost):

  20. Rafa86

    My happy small German Shepherd dog!

  21. Vatoloco

    I definitely prefer the 2nd rear camera on the phone to be a wide angle lens vs. zoom/bokeh/whatever

    Not the best example but getting wide shots is much more useful in my opinion. Regular rear camera: Wide angle rear camera:
  22. Vatoloco

    Getting a Dog May Save Your Life, Especially If You’re Single v.PostYourPup Getting a Dog May Save Your Life, Especially If You’re Single Swedish researchers found that people with furry friends, especially the unmarried, have fewer heart problems than those...
  23. Vatoloco

    Sitting in my office with my dog sleeping in her chair behind me:

  24. Vatoloco

    Big Baby [stolen from rarepuppers]

  25. Vatoloco

    I woke up this morning and discovered my dog had tucked herself in bed


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