donald trump

  1. Vatoloco

    are you ready to have the wool pulled away from your eyes? v.trump spends tons of your money traveling

  2. Vatoloco

    Trump 2020 (and beyond) Crew: Post a picture of you wearing your MAGA hat!

    Go ahead and give me shit about not having stained my deck yet, I welcome it.
  3. Vatoloco

    What is happening to MY America? v.Mexicans

    So I've noticed this spring one of my neighbors hired their lawn maintenance out and the crew that does it is ALL WHITE PEOPLE! They are just operating out of the back of an older Ford pickup truck with an extended bed with two push mowers and a couple trimmers in it. They do a decent job but...
  4. Vatoloco

    TRUMP'S AMERICA: Human waste, trash overwhelm national parks Human waste, trash overwhelm some national parks in shutdown By ELLEN KNICKMEYER and JOCELYN GECKER | 2018-12-31 9PM EST WASHINGTON (AP) — Human feces, overflowing garbage, illegal off-roading and other damaging behavior in fragile areas...
  5. Vatoloco

    T-Swizzle: SHAKE IT OFF!

  6. Vatoloco

    Hillary Clinton says she lost to Trump because American's are sick of freedom and want to be told what to do Clinton quote from The Guardian article: "The whole American system was designed so that you would eliminate the threat from a strong, authoritarian king or other leader and...
  7. Vatoloco

    When Trump refuses to give up the Presidency in 2024 and the United States fractures into all out war between these regions:

    Which area will become the most powerful through violence, alliances, trade, treaties, etc.?
  8. Rafa86

    Donald Trump The Great is doing you a favor in putting up tariffs on shitty chinese communist steel.

    but some people, mostly libtards, will never understand this because they know nothing about how GREAT THE AMERICAN STEEL IS
  9. Vatoloco

    Government approved sterilization of drug addicted Brazilian mother starts an important conversation Judge rules Brazilian woman must be sterilized after being a long time drug addict with many mistreated children Woman smoking crack cocaine Rio de Janeiro (AFP) - Claims that a drug-addicted Brazilian woman was...
  10. KGB ate my bread

    Why can't @TheRealDonaldTrump hold a press conference by himself?

    It's been 468.2 days since the last one he held. :dunno: Clearly isn't too busy because he's found 110 days to go golfing. He's clearly got plenty to talk about because he's posting on twitter every day. What's the hold up?
  11. Vatoloco

    Operatives working for Clinton have assassinated Paul Horner, writer of fake news about the election Paul Horner, writer of fake news about 2016 election, found dead PHOENIX -- A leading purveyor of fake news in the 2016 presidential election has died outside Phoenix at the age of 38. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office...
  12. Vatoloco

    WaPo: Trump sends Dennis Rodman to North Korea Dennis Rodman is on his way to North Korea, sent by President Trump By Anna Fifield June 12 at 10:32 PM TOKYO — Former Chicago Bulls...

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