1. KGB ate my bread

    Steel tariffs appear to have hurt American manufacturing jobs

    https://www.reuters.com/article/BigStory12/idUSKBN26U161 “While the tariffs failed to boost overall steel employment, economists say they created higher costs for major steel consumers - killing jobs at companies including Detroit-based automakers General Motors Co and Ford Motor Co...
  2. Jd

    Trump is babbling about the caravan

  3. tidbits

    Get Ready For World War Fucking 3.....

    Real As Fuck.....Jesus fucking christ....
  4. KGB ate my bread

    Hardcore trumpkins on OT strike me as the "real people" from Chevy/GM commercials

    *walks around chevy malibu* WOW! THIS CAR IS AMAZING! Is this the new BMW? This looks and feels like a BMW interior. This malibu is a BMW, right? There's no way this chevy isn't a BMW.
  5. KGB ate my bread

    Trump on Russia probe: ‘You fight back, oh, it’s obstruction’

    Who knew interfering in a special investigation into crimes and high treason would lead to us being here?!
  6. KGB ate my bread

    Book author recorded conversations with Trump WH

    https://www.axios.com/how-michael-wolff-did-it-2522360813.html :bowrofl: Geniuses. Just another nothingburger, right?

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