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  1. Vatoloco

    TECH FUCK MICROSOFT! Get your shit together when it comes to updates and security patches! :mad: [SMB in Windows Server 2008, 7 Pro/Ultimate]

    All 12TB of (my legitimate digital copies of) Movies, TV Shows, Music, Music Videos, etc. are stored on an old Windows 7 Ultimate machine I built way back in 2009 as a HTPC/Server. I use Plex in a VM on another computer running Windows 10. Yesterday I got a couple texts from some family I share...
  2. Vatoloco

    ENT TECH Now that bitmetv has been dead for a couple months and appears to never be coming back does anyone know of good alternatives?

    I'm looking for some classic TV show packs (1950's and 60's sitcoms mostly) to torrent. being gone is killing my search success -- It was a great TV tracker with so much content. I've had some minor success finding a few complete seasons of shows like Leave It To Beaver and The...

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