1. ART ENT The SOUND of the UNIVERSE ? Water-Glass-Metal Interstellar Theme - Cristal Baschet @SFL

    Amazing unknown instrument made of natural elements !
  2. Cicada

    ART CREW OTAP Thread

    since there's no OTAP forum do you do, fellow photographers? ITT: sharing pics/CC, the art, business, or just general shitposting/chatting about photography.
  3. Vatoloco

    Should movie theaters have a phone app for patrons so they can check the time played, time left, current time of the movie?

    And also pause it if X% of people click pause on the app? Or should they just shut down and concede that the movie going experience on the big screen is gone forever? Please answer all three questions. Thanks.
  4. Vatoloco

    ENT Name the movie studio and/or production company by a screencap only:

    How well do you remember the first 15 to 90+ seconds of movies? A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9
  5. Cicada

    SRS It's time for a main forum Photography thread — v.ShareYourPics

    what's up guise :wavey: the artsy folks have their own thread, so maybe one for the less mechanically-talented artists :shrug: whatcha using, whatcha shooting, share some pics! :coold: Kinda enjoyed doing landscape/cityscape/street stuff in NY
  6. kamen

    **Official** Spider-Man Homecoming Thread

    Saw a screening tonight via Amex events. Good movie; my favorite of them all now. Tom Holland does a great job and we don't need the whole backstory Uncle Ben power responsibility thing. Hot Aunt May :bowdown:

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