1. squirrel_52

    monday dinner ideas

    not sure what to have. need help with choices. just the standards. what are you guys having for dinner?
  2. Wolf

    CREW FOOD Air Fryer Crew v.recipethread

    Thread to document and share recipes, tips, pics, etc for air fryer usage. For quick reference: Please include your fryer model, settings, temps, times, etc. Ninja foodi 8-in-1 flip up. Chicken thighs...
  3. KGB ate my bread

    FOOD What’s everyone cooking/prepping today?

    Getting this little guy ready for the gf; 8~lb pork shoulder. Gf is Dominican so this should be good :nod: What about you guys? Edit: making some marinade progress; Shoulder was rinsed and soaked with apple cider vinegar for 5~ minutes and rinsed again marinade is two squeezed oranges, 8...
  4. TopTuna

    Woman Waiting In Line At Restaurant Calls Guy Fat So He Buys All The Food So She Can’t Have Any
  5. BStork

    It's a Shaq attack on Hot Ones today!

    ohhhhh fuck
  6. flocc-boi

    ART EDU FOOD [Travel] [AMA] Pictures from traveling through Turkey

    I haven't made one of these in a while and I'm kinda far behind so I'm gonna skip the Caucuses (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) -- though I could go back and do a thread on them later if there's interest -- and post up a bit on Turkey, where I am now (flying out to Oman tomorrow though) Sanilurfa...
  7. kawsakimx6

    Jam - Is there any interest this year?

    As some of you know, I have been making hot pepper Jellies and Jams for a while. A few years back I got asked to sell it on here, so i did and have been doing so every year. I try to judge interest before going out and getting all the supplies and making them. The peppers are from my yard...

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