gun control


    ENT Pornstars must be worried about business opening back up. Most of them are going to be fucked.

    It's gonna be hard-on them.
  2. GUN If he had had a gun, he would be alive today, hero of mass shooting should have had a gun

    This hero charged a mass public shooter and tried to stop him. If he had had a gun, he would likely be alive today. This is why gun free zones are stupid policy.....they don't stop mass shooters, and they leave good people, like this hero, unarmed in the fight against a criminal with a gun...
  3. Vatoloco

    Video shows huge assault weapon gun found hidden in suspect's pants during traffic stop in Sacramento, CA [BodyCam 4m05s]

    Click the link or any graphic to watch the terrifying video. Video shows huge gun found hidden in suspect's pants during traffic stop BY SACRAMENTO POLICE DEPARTMENT FEBRUARY 15, 2019 01:05 PM Sacramento police released...
  4. Vatoloco

    “No matter how hard they make it to get a gun, they’re going to get one,” Ethan said. “I’m a kid and I don’t know anything but I know that.” (original article with videos and 64 photos available at the link above) At the only gun shop in Thousand Oaks, fearful residents decide it's...
  5. Vatoloco

    Read this New York Times Sunday hit piece on Gun Control in California California Tries New Tack on Gun Violence: Bullet Control Various calibers of ammunition sold at M&J Gun Trade in Sacramento, Calif. Credit: Max Whittaker for The New York Times By Ian Urbina | Sept. 9, 2018...
  6. Vatoloco

    Fuck, I just bought a pair of 501 denim's that I've been breaking in. I have to burn them now. :wtc: Levi Strauss teams up with gun control group: ‘We simply cannot stand by silently’ BY MORGAN GSTALTER - 09/04/18 10:38 AM EDT American denim giant Levi Strauss & Co...
  7. Vatoloco

    Citigroup bans stores from using Citi credit cards to pay for various types of guns and accessories

    I searched and found no topic so hopefully this isn't a repost... (source is sketchy af but I still believe it) CITIGROUP IMPOSES RESTRICTIONS ON CLIENT GUN SALES Company’s Chief Executive Officer defends anti-gun...
  8. nostalgic

    Should we Arm teachers?

  9. Skyhawk

    Gun control bills submitted since the Las Vegas shooting Protect America Act of 2017 - permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of explosives licenses to known or suspected terrorists, and for other purposes...

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