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  1. Vatoloco

    STYLE My house only has brick about 1/3 of the way up on the front. The top 2/3, both sides and the entire back are all vinyl siding...

    How expensive/impossible/PITA would it be to have some place retrofit the entire structure with brick? There's a couple small bay windows and an alcove that would probably have to be stucco but I want ZERO siding. House is only about 2,000 sqft. Millions of dollars? šŸ”
  2. Vatoloco

    My dead neighbors garage door and house door are wide open... what would you do?

    So he died last summer. The house has sat mostly untouched until about a month ago when his kids started cleaning it out and fixing things up to get ready and sell it. Various people have been working on junk removal, painting, yard work, etc. to the extent that at least one person has shown up...
  3. Vatoloco

    I was just on the county website looking at my property tax history. Cliffs: +52.51% since 2005

    I'm sure most people are going to laugh at how "low" my property taxes are... especially knowing that some people on the east coast with houses smaller than mine are probably pay $15,000+ a year. I guess it is one of the perks living in the west (but not too far west). Californians stop moving...

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