1. Narc

    SPORTS *OFFICIAL* ALLIANCE OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL WEEK 3 THREAD | Rivalry Week | Ca vs Tx | Hackensuck still not cut | Can Salt Lake win a game? | LOLanta

  2. Narc

    CREW SPORTS *Official* Alliance of American Football Week 2 thread v. Hackenberg? More like HackenSUCK

    Hit of the week: Week 2 preview: AAF info thread: https://offtopic.com/threads/pro-football-doesnt-end-after-the-super-bowl-v-alliance-of-american-football-kicks-off-feb-9th.5628763/ Week 1 thread...
  3. Narc

    SPORTS *Official* Alliance of American Football Week 1 Thread v.Opening Weekend

    Worried you will have to survive a weekend without football? Fear not. The Alliance of American Football is here to save you with three more months of your favorite sport. Kickoff begins Saturday, Feb. 9, with a pair of games on CBS, followed by two more games on Sunday afternoon and evening...
  4. Narc

    SPORTS Pro Football doesnt end after the Super Bowl v. Alliance of American Football kicks off Feb 9th

    NFL Network will televise 19 games. TNT will televise games CBS will televise games Games will stream on bleacher report and via the AAF app The AAF's inaugural eight franchises are as follows: Arizona Hotshots Atlanta Legends Birmingham Iron Memphis Express Orlando Apollos Salt Lake...

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