1. Vatoloco

    TRUMP'S AMERICA: Chicago murder rate drops for second year in a row Chicago murder rate drops for second year in a row By Bill Kirkos, CNN | Updated 4:48 PM ET, Mon December 31, 2018 (CNN) Chicago saw a significant drop in murders and gun violence for the second year in a row, according...
  2. Rafa86

    Happy 4th of July! May God Bless The United States Of America The Land Of The Free

  3. Rafa86

    For people that know nothing about economics i will explain to you why the US will win the trade war

    First of all: The US is self sufficient, unlike Canada and Mexico Secondly, the Canadian economy depends much more from the US economy than the other way around The Canadian imports PER CAPITA from the USA are much larger than the other way around The USA is, along with China, one of the only...
  4. KGB ate my bread

    Trump didn't reimburse lawyer for Stormy Daniels NDA hush money The headline on the Wall Street Journal’s latest Stormy Daniels scoop is that Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s $130,000 payment to the...
  5. KGB ate my bread

    Book author recorded conversations with Trump WH :bowrofl: Geniuses. Just another nothingburger, right?
  6. KGB ate my bread

    Supreme Court decides to not hear assault weapon ban case brought by NRA The US supreme court, which has avoided major gun cases for seven years, on Monday declined to hear a National Rifle Association-backed challenge to a 2013 state ban on assault...
  7. Vatoloco

    Trump succeeds where Obama failed hard!

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