1. baboymo

    Video Gaming community to pay an additional $840 million for consoles thanks to Trump’s China tariffs...

    ...FUCK DONALD. Piece of shit has probably never played a Super Mario Bros in his life.
  2. Vatoloco

    TECH OT, what is your Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score [here's how to find it in Windows 10]

    It was easy to get in Windows 7 --> Just right click My Computer and select properties. Microsoft removed that GUI interface for it though because of the dick measuring lawsuits they were getting. Here's how to see your score on a Windows 10 machine: Step 1: Click Start --> Type "cmd" -->...
  3. baboymo

    GAME The nine games for EVO 2019 have been revealed.

    Melee fags butt hurt. :mamoru2:
  4. Vatoloco

    TECH FUCK MICROSOFT! Get your shit together when it comes to updates and security patches! :mad: [SMB in Windows Server 2008, 7 Pro/Ultimate]

    All 12TB of (my legitimate digital copies of) Movies, TV Shows, Music, Music Videos, etc. are stored on an old Windows 7 Ultimate machine I built way back in 2009 as a HTPC/Server. I use Plex in a VM on another computer running Windows 10. Yesterday I got a couple texts from some family I share...

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