1. squirrel_52

    are AC/DC still a good band?

    Anyone here feel that AC/DC have lost what they used to be as a band? I know they've been around a long time, but even with all of their success over the years, most of their songs are just fluff to me. Some of their opening riffs are cool but nothing new and improved...regardless of their...
  2. ENT Lets Talk Music

    Describe Why You Create Or Listen To Music.
  3. ART ENT The SOUND of the UNIVERSE ? Water-Glass-Metal Interstellar Theme - Cristal Baschet @SFL

    Amazing unknown instrument made of natural elements !
  4. Toadster

    TECH why do so called 'audiophile' rooms always look like this?

    art should be hung on a wall - amps should be in a rack, cables should be tidy... WTF?!
  5. This is a cool idea if you need some music to listen to

    It will generate a new album for you to listen to each day. You can rate the album and see your history as well. All albums are taken from the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. I started a few days ago and so far i got Rain Dogs by Tom Waits, Bossanova by Pixies and 1999 by...
  6. Rumbaar

    ENT Fleetwood Mac - One of the GOAT!

    Go your own way: Studio (Stevie wasn't happy with inclusion of the lyrics "Packin' up and Shackin' up is all you wanna do", as her and Buckingham had recently broken up and it painted her in a bad light and not true) Go your own way: Live 1977 (one of my favorites!!) The Chain: Studio...
  7. Vatoloco

    No explanation necessary comment or ignore at will:

  8. Vatoloco

    We all know why Michael Jackson and R Kelly's works need to and are being banned, but what about Da Vinci?

    He had a live-in 12-year little old boy that he repeatedly raped. Join me in helping to ban all of Leo's works. If you don't, you're a pedophile.
  9. KGB ate my bread

    ENT New Music Fridays: New Toro y Moi album

    :cool: Play this shit for your wives/womens and get you some tonight :coold: We also got new: Future, Deerhunters, and Papa Roach if that's your thing.

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