1. baboymo

    SPORTS 2021 Fantasy Football Thread

    Y'all returning for this year? @KarlStyles made the 2019 thread....I made last years. LET'S FUCKING GO! @MassMan @autox @scoTT_Z32 @havenfx @rebs @[email protected] @Im Randumb @Lethal @Virt @baboymo @tektoniks @[email protected] @Mrfrosty @Hood Moses @BAUCE @cincydude @rcm @M @misfits...
  2. Twat Waffle

    SPORTS Bro Are you ok?

    @ThenCosmeSaid Are you ok brah? :mamoru:
  3. baboymo

    SPORTS 2020 Fantasy Football Thread

    Last year’s thread by @KarlStyles @MassMan @autox @scoTT_Z32 @havenfx @rebs @[email protected] @Im Randumb @Lethal @Virt @baboymo @tektoniks @[email protected] @Mrfrosty @Hood Moses @BAUCE @cincydude @rcm @M @misfits @Docter...
  4. baboymo

    ENT Netflix’s Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

  5. TankRizzo

    SPORTS With Kyler Murray rocketing up draft boards, now's your chance to weigh in on him...Boom or Bust?

    I hate this about the draft. A few months ago and most thought he MIGHT be a first the Cardinals seem to be in love with him and might go #1. I have no strong feelings one way or the other, but gun to my head, I think he'll start off hot, then cool down and be average but...
  6. Twat Waffle

    SPORTS This was the best part of 2018 NFL Draft RD2

    Besides NY Giants pick in round 2 - W. Hernandez :bowdown: :rofl:

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