old people

  1. Vatoloco

    TECH Recommend phone that is mostly stock, supports Qi, Works with "Ok, Google" without touching anything

    It's not for me. It's for an older person that Is really use to making it do everything (primarily calling) via Google Assistant. This person doesn't have the dexterity to plug it in to charge it... but has multiple charging pads in the house that he can set it on and is use to doing. Current...
  2. crotch

    I'm listening to ragtime from the 1920s on Spotify in my office.

    I feel like how @Buzz Killington looks.
  3. Vatoloco

    TECH Sync all Google Home Assistant Speakers so ALL respond and listen no matter which one is activated?

    I know you can setup groups... like creating a group called "All speakers" and adding every single google speaker device to it but that only works for specific scenarios and you have to let it know to work with that group on every single command you issue (i.e. "Hey Google, Play Taylor Swift on...
  4. Vatoloco

    TECH Google Home Mini making phone calls... With Google Voice and other questions?

    So my dad is getting really frail and has fallen down a couple times. It also takes him a long time these days to dial phone numbers and use a lot of tech in general. He has a Nexus phone that I setup a couple years ago with Tasker so it'll read all the notifications out loud, automatically turn...

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