1. Cicada

    ART That dude deleted his photography/gear thread? — Farm your clown reacts here

    Oof. Missed out on the last few pages What’d I miss
  2. Cicada

    ART CREW OTAP Thread

    since there's no OTAP forum do you do, fellow photographers? ITT: sharing pics/CC, the art, business, or just general shitposting/chatting about photography.
  3. Twat Waffle

    CREW OT Photographer crew!

    Recently I started taking photography seriously and thinking about starting a side hustle over the weekend. I would love to get OT Photo Guru's feedback on my work. CC is welcome and tips and tricks. :nx: All pictures are taken on my 5D Mark IV with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8 and 100mm...
  4. KGB ate my bread

    Photography crew: What lens? Wide Angle or Tele?

    Grabbing one more prime lens for my M43/MFT Camera Have a kit lens, and a recently acquired 25mm F1.7 (50mm equivalent) Looking at either 14mm F2.5 Pancake OR 42.5mm F1.7 The 14mm is cheaper by about a hundo/half. Love the better f stop on the 42.5, love how compact my setup would be...
  5. Cicada

    SRS It's time for a main forum Photography thread — v.ShareYourPics

    what's up guise :wavey: the artsy folks have their own thread, so maybe one for the less mechanically-talented artists :shrug: whatcha using, whatcha shooting, share some pics! :coold: Kinda enjoyed doing landscape/cityscape/street stuff in NY
  6. Cicada

    Made some test prints and put 'em up in the office.

    made some test prints with cheap amazon inks on my cheap photo printer that I use for testing shit and throwaway prints and thought i'd put 'em up in the office :shrug: now I kinda wanna just cover the entire wall with prints :hmm: The new Fuji sensors (24MP X-TransIII) seems to resolve much...
  7. Cicada

    Is it this easy to scam Amazon? *pics* - NOW "Bitch About Amazon" Thread

    So I bought a $100 UV filter for a lens I have coming in, same day shipping. TL;DR: someone did the 'ol switcheroo on Amazon. Ordered a $100 filter, i get a cheap $15 filter in the wrong size. It arrives... un-shrink wrapped. I have a few of these filters and they've all been shrink wrapped...

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