1. Vatoloco

    🔥 I have an itch to start a fire tonight but to legally do so the Clearing Index forecast from the NWS needs to be above 500 🔥

    For the 18th (today) it is only at 140 :wtc: BUT the forecast for the 19th (only 4 hours from now) is 580!!!!!!! So I just have to hold out until after midnight (or break the law because nobody really cares).
  2. Vatoloco

    🔥 I'll be lighting this on fire in 30 minutes or so 🔥

    Zoom camera... Caught the dog with really wide eyes in the normal camera shot... Wide angle... First fire with my new 5-camera phone so I'll be able to see how those gifs turn out when I hold down the shutter. Stay tuned...
  3. Vatoloco

    Am I going to give myself cancer any faster burning all these treated pallet scraps I have?

    A friend brought me by a pickup truck loaded with scrap wood mostly from pallets and they have a "HT" stamp on them which google says means "Heat Treated" and further searches mostly say it is fine to burn HT wood... I don't care too much but my dad told me to definitely not burn the treated...

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