1. Chews Wisely

    Perma please.

    I don't have the patience for all the suspicious morons here.
  2. Otto.Pilot

    Purge and Ban

    Me too. See my boy @mccroskey below
  3. BAUCE

    BAN 1 month please

    I need to get shit done and have no self control. Thank you and god bless.
  4. Tergiversator

    Forever ban and purge plz

    @Faz thx :wavey:
  5. limsoup

    BAN Publius protest self ban

    Reason: @Publius protest self ban Between all the laughs and fun I think someone forgot to actually ban me. Being realistic -- give me a year. @Faz Hopefully by then you and OT will decide that people who have been loyal OTers for years are worth more to the community than fairly-obvious...
  6. Tergiversator

    BAN Can I have a 9 month ban and purge please?

    Thanks! XOXO
  7. kumar_a

    3 year ban please

    i alrad you the two wothwhile people here
  8. fatmoocow

    3 month ban

    Wasting too much time thx
  9. DizzyEdge

    Ban please

    4 days please
  10. blindarrow

    Ban pls

    Perma never forever

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