1. Narc

    What is @ray Blunder hiding

    and why did he have his posts deleted :hmm:
  2. Narc

    Welcome new full sub member @firefly

    Welcome to oT @Firefly
  3. Narc

    Hello new member @donaldTramp

    :hsughc: @donaldtramp
  4. Narc

    Attn @the shish kebab

    After deep discussion with @zhiniibob , he convinced me to give you another chance. Dont fuck it up. @The Shish Kebab
  5. Narc

    Attn: @kwhitelaw

    Just wanted to say hi :wavey:
  6. Narc

    Welcome new full blue badge sub member @greatbatsby

    @GreatBatsby :wavey:
  7. Narc

    Im sorry but if you dont "whoooo" like ric flair....

    After demolishing nose beers you're doing it wrong.
  8. Narc

    Dat eBay detailed seller rating

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 (Even though I've sold like 50 items but only 10 people actually left feedback :mad: )
  9. Narc

    Anyone know if you can watch Gear VR (phone vr) while laying down?

    (Lieing down?) Thanks
  10. Narc

    Is there anything worse than getting a paper straw in your drink v. Now with gimpshiznit meltdown

    And that shit is fucking useless after like 10 minutes? Thanks a lot hippies
  11. Narc

    CREW STYLE New dailys @crotch v. Shoes v. Shoo croo v. Reacts

    New dailys. Actually got them yesterday but wanted to wait until @AlkyHauler™ got unbanned to post. @crotch @FBI-SS @AlkyHauler™
  12. Narc

    User cjonesy22002 has changed username to Chuck Finley sucks dicks.

  13. Narc

    FOOD Lunch rock bottom

    Oof Gas station cheeseburger @NiggaPHX420
  14. Narc


  15. Narc

    Welcome new full sub member @lychee1

    Enjoy your stay on OT :wavey: @lychee1
  16. Narc

    CREW SPORTS New OrLOLns Aints, honourable mention: BufaLOL SHILLS

    :bowrofl: Losing to AtLOLta

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