1. tidbits

    WTF? 8 Traitors....

    source: source: Original Come on Trumptards, let's see you defend this one and claim that our government and the Orange Skinned Piss...
  2. Vatoloco

    Hillary Clinton paid Russian intelligence to promote false story of Trump being peed on by hookers. Clinton team and Democrats bankrolled Trump dirty dossier False claims that Mr Trump had been filmed with prostitutes urinating on him in a Moscow hotel surfaced in the closing stretch of last year's White House race. Mrs Clinton's...
  3. Vatoloco


    Repost x11ty I'm sure but just in case...
  4. Mikolas

    YIEF-2017: another test of European unity

    On April 20-22, 2017 the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF-2017) took place in Yalta under the direction of current government of Crimea. It is worth to mention that Russian mass media have provided extensive coverage of this meeting without particular names of foreign guests. It is...
  5. Mikolas

    US-Russia relations: US hardens their positions

    As is known, in the early hours of 8 April Al Shayrat airfield in Syria was attacked by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the Navy warships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (one of them went off course and fell in the sea). According to the official line of the US administration this...
  6. Mikolas

    Crimes of Putin’s regime which must not be tolerated

    Two years have passed after Boris Nemtsov, the Russian politician, oppositionist, a man, who explicitly threw down a challenge to Putin’s regime, was killed in the centre of Moscow, on Moskvoretsky bridge, three hundred meters from Kremlin (which is particularly indicative). As political and...
  7. Mikolas

    Ukraine on arms market: reality and myths

    Source: Misinformation campaigns defaming Ukrainian arms pursue specific goals. First, they are used to show European partners that "while Europe subjects Russian companies to sanctions, Ukraine continues to sell its output...
  8. Mikolas

    Putin challenges Trump

    Recent events related to the aggravation of the conflict in Donbas have brought up to date the issue of Russia’s role in erosion of the existing world order. Every barber knows that the so-called DPR and LPR are merely debris of the failed project “Novorossia”. It is an open secret that the...

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