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  1. Narc


  2. Narc

    Quick maintenence my ass

  3. Narc

    Bisexual Triceratops

    Bisexual Triceratops New Member Joined Today at 6:24 PM Last seen 30 minutes ago · Viewing thread Cliffs on GameStop drama? :hmm:
  4. Narc

    What is @ray Blunder hiding

    and why did he have his posts deleted :hmm:
  5. Narc

    rip @the shish kebob

  6. Narc

    @RayBlunder is getting married today

    with people in attendance Rip @Ray Wonder (in more than 1 way)
  7. hankthecowdog

    This a SAINT thread now.

    This is a LinkedIn post that reminded me of Saint. Ran thru Wendy's drive thru just now, the girl at the window was crying. Her boss was standing there explaining she had to leave work because her mask broke and they had no extras. She was sobbing, "but I don't have a ride and I NEED the money!"...
  8. Narc

    Hello new member @donaldTramp

    :hsughc: @donaldtramp
  9. Narc

    Attn @the shish kebab

    After deep discussion with @zhiniibob , he convinced me to give you another chance. Dont fuck it up. @The Shish Kebab
  10. Narc

    EDU PSA: You can sort reactions you received by type

    Here: https://offtopic.com/account/reactions So you can see what posts and whom left you what type of reaction.
  11. Narc

    Dat eBay detailed seller rating

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 (Even though I've sold like 50 items but only 10 people actually left feedback :mad: )
  12. Narc

    Anyone know if you can watch Gear VR (phone vr) while laying down?

    (Lieing down?) Thanks
  13. Narc

    Is there anything worse than getting a paper straw in your drink v. Now with gimpshiznit meltdown

    And that shit is fucking useless after like 10 minutes? Thanks a lot hippies
  14. Narc

    CREW STYLE New dailys @crotch v. Shoes v. Shoo croo v. Reacts

    New dailys. Actually got them yesterday but wanted to wait until @AlkyHaulerâ„¢ got unbanned to post. @crotch @FBI-SS @AlkyHaulerâ„¢
  15. Narc

    STYLE Shoes delivered today @crotch

    @crotch @AlkyHaulerâ„¢
  16. Narc

    ATTN: @forgotmyname

    Please forget your login Thanks, Offtopic Chief Executive of Membership Affairs
  17. Narc

    CREW Welcome new full blue badge sub member @Stillwaiting

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  18. Narc

    Welcome new Full featured blue sub member @hopenot34 v. Its @ruiners ex? V.2 DRAMA

    Thanks for buying a sub even when the forum is free/open. Let us know if you have any questions.
  19. Narc

    CREW EDU FOOD McDonalds to take foreign currency (any denomination) for 1 day in exchange for new international menu items

    Cliffs: Get a new international menu item from the list below in exchange for any denomination foreign currency. June 6th, 2 -5 PM local time. CHICAGO, June 3, 2019 – In celebration of this summer’s limited time offering of select McDonald’s menu favorites from around the world, we are...
  20. Narc

    Can we get a Cloudflare status check

    It didnt seem to kick in :hsughc:
  21. Narc

    Hello full sub new member @can of coke

    Welcome to OT. :wavey:
  22. Narc

    Welcome new member @towninthecity, Pootie is creepy af and now with more @stonesthrow Meltdown and @peakhead likes men

    Just curious as to why you have viewed 3 @Pootie threads from 2016 in the last 5 minutes :hmm:
  23. Narc

    McDonalds giving away free bacon today?

    McDonald's is going all-in on bacon. For one hour on Tuesday, January 29, customers can get free bacon with any menu item. The deal is meant to highlight the chain's new thick-cut, Applewood-smoked bacon as well as the three new bacon-centric menu items: the Big Mac with bacon, the Quarter...
  24. Narc


    #free @Swiftie
  25. Narc

    Hello new full sub member @jasmine2019

    Welcome to OT. :wavey:

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