send leah nudes

  1. KGB ate my bread

    There’s a special place In hell for people who ____________ .

    Fill in the blank. I’ll start: People who drive randomly through parking lots and get upset when you don’t yield to their stupid bullshit. Fuck those people.
  2. KGB ate my bread

    STYLE I’m thinking of ditching the long hair, I’m sure other guys are too; could mullets make a comeback (if for charity/cause awareness)?

    So hear me out: Everything always comes back, I’m thinking we could bring mullets back under the guise of donating money or an awareness thing? Idk, either way it’d be absolutely dog shit funny to me if the world brought back mullets, even if only ironically. I think the right influencers could...
  3. KGB ate my bread

    Haven't had one of these in a while: What's your SSID (Wifi) named?

    Had to set up a new AT&T modem for that gigabit fiber and went through the process of renaming the device. Was bummed as it, unlike my last modem, only broadcast 2 SSIDs (previous one had 3). So I've gone from "Untrusted Network" and "Don't Step in the" & "Muscovy Duck Poop" to just "Untrusted...
  4. KGB ate my bread

    SRS My work day in photos for everyone stuck at home

    Getting an early start on making this thread and will update tomorrow. Won’t be the most interesting day in the field but everyone stuck in will get to live through this thread or something; I’ll be headed to a development underway to set front and rear property corners. Won’t set actual pipes...
  5. KGB ate my bread

    Obligatory “Fuck (insert shipping company here)” Thread

    Come rant :o :mad: don’t really care tooo much as I hadn’t paid for shipping directly, but come on you fucks. 3 day shipping? Aight, imma just hold this package for a day and deliver it 4 days later than expected. :greddy:
  6. KGB ate my bread

    Trump keeps claiming to have passed a 2014 law signed by Obama. Calls it his "greatest idea" for a law In his midterm campaign rallies, President Donald Trump has repeatedly made the preposterous claim that he came up with “the greatest idea” for “veterans choice” — a program that was launched in 2014 during the Obama...

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