1. King Hamlet the Pork

    Here's a video of me doing 35 skateboard tricks on my 35th birthday! v. wheremyskatecrewat

    Pretty proud of this one because I got so many of the tricks cleanly and only after 1 or 2 tries :bowdown: There were a few mini battles but nothing too bad, took a little less than 2 hours! Also the last trick is one I've been trying to get foreverrrrr and just couldn't commit to. Lemme...
  2. Vatoloco

    “No matter how hard they make it to get a gun, they’re going to get one,” Ethan said. “I’m a kid and I don’t know anything but I know that.” (original article with videos and 64 photos available at the link above) At the only gun shop in Thousand Oaks, fearful residents decide it's...
  3. King Hamlet the Pork

    CREW Is there a skateboarding crew on OT?

    Recently got back into skateboarding and now I've been going twice a day for the last two weeks lol got a new Enjoi deck last week that has some really good pop. What're y'all skating? Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk

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