sloppy mechanics

  1. denmah

    s10 / vr6 / turbo / cd009 / explorer rear / holley EFI / drive by wire

    add it all up
  2. denmah

    You like slightly crusty c10’s ?

  3. denmah


    Volvorado Tuned my friends volvorado Sunday and wanted to share, been a while since I posted. I know some of you enjoy
  4. denmah

    so i got another 2500, and installed a large turbo, surprise

  5. denmah

    8f8 goes 8.8s on the 8th, with a SBE 4.8 and ford 8.8 as car number 88

  6. denmah

    950whp SBE fairmont wagon just as god intended

    81 Ford Fairmont Wagon 26k og miles 2010 Ly6 iron 6.0 square porty boi stock intake and throttle stock exhaust manifolds, stock head bolts, rod bolts, stock bottom end, stock stock stock stuff stock cam was swapped out with a sloppy stage 2, and pac1218 valvesprings stock gas tank was fitted...
  7. denmah

    My trash can 8F8 build did its first dyno shakedown

    project 8f8 dyno ups and downs
  8. denmah

    800+ whp pump meth l33 nova sloppy floored

  9. denmah

    simple sloppy 4.8 turbo combo makes an *easy* 700whp through auto

  10. denmah

    denbob tuned 99 trans am, 6.0, cast s480, 830whp unlocked 80e

    6.0, 4l80e, jakes single disk converter *unlocked* 9 inch 3.70 gear, 28 inch tire, off shelf cast 80/88 t6 borg warner air to air, twin 450lph in tank pumps, stock ls1 intake, bosch 210 injectors tuned on stock ecu with hptuners 3bar SD OS, 3bar map sensor, Sloppy stage 2 camshaft, BTR660...
  11. denmah

    69 camaro turbo lsx denbobrosstuned

    Travis smith 69 camaro Gen 4 5.3 sbe 799 heads Ljms stage 3 cam Btr660 springs FI s476r 92mm 1.10 ar Th400 ptc budget converter Quick performance 9” with 3.25 gears Ms3 gold box Sep 1500 injectors Car ran 9.3 at 148 at old hp level. With a sorry ass 1.5 60ft. Car made 780whp on pump and meth at...
  12. denmah

    simple 800whp fox making it look easy

    TLDR quarter million mile box truck 6.0 and s484 make 800whp on e40 pump mix on 13psi through 80e automatic... lol
  13. denmah

    obs chevy truck 600whp easy sloppy combo

  14. denmah

    8's (1/4 mile) for 8000$ or under

    alot of the reason why people follow or enjoy what i do is the economical part of it, i submit, my 8s for 8 project albiet long winded as fuck, most people ( i would like to think) enjoy this type of thing... currently at 7500~ looking good for video 2 to come out soon, its all gunna go...
  15. denmah

    American 2jz? Atlas 4200 powered studebaker

    atlas Domestic 2J powered Studebaker
  16. denmah

    more results from the 4.8/lsa/g35

    I did a head swap from what most people would consider a really good cyl head, the stock 799's as they had exhaust valve seat pitting, wich is fairly common, to some dirty old 862 heads from 2002 4.8 i had laying around. dropped them on and picked up almost 40whp up top. funny considering the...

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