1. Ice992

    SRS - Not OTSS Related - Sadness/Sorrow/Rage inside

    *edit* OTSS doesn't have tags, but this is being considered an SRS thread -12xalt So… those of you that have known me in OTSS for years now, know I don’t share much about my personal life aside from glimpses to help a Santa. Sorry if this is a fucking ramble and not put together well. I’m...
  2. flynfrog

    Power of OT

    Hey guys I am riding in the Huntsmans Cancer center ride again this year. In the past OT has been awesome in support. As the number of people I have lost to cancer contines to rise I try to do a small part to help. Thanks Ryan Donation Link...
  3. majesty

    Gonna do psychedelic mushrooms in the next week or two. Tell me all about your experiences.

    Looking forward to just relaxing and having a good time. May make a list of some personal shit I can think about + have a killer playlist. My wife's gonna be my trip sitter. Lmk about y'alls experiences.
  4. KGB ate my bread

    SRS Office Christmas Parties - 2020 Silent Virus Deadly Night Edition

    I know we have an official covid thread and plenty of others, but a few weeks back I got our official details for our office Christmas party and figured a thread with a poll would be worth posting. While I really don't wanna go, I feel like I might get pressured to do so this year. Also, it's...
  5. Xicculus

    Was ‘Winds of Change’ really written by CIA?

    Pretty fascinating podcast that explores the possibility that the CIA wrote that awesome song from the early 90s with cool sub-stories pulling back the curtain of Cold War intelligence.
  6. SycoPhant

    Youtube is Facilitating the Exploitation of Children

    Should I be surprised, being that I know about the disgusting underbelly of the internet? No. Am I surprised how fucking blatant and obvious they are? Yes. This is fucking disgusting.
  7. BAM

    SRS any furloughed OT'ers hurting for cash?

    maybe OT can help out or something? :dunno: just a thought.
  8. just an allusion

    NFL new policy violates 1st. Amendment

    The NFL has released a new policy restricting player's right to free speech in the form of non-violent public protest. In an apparent retaliatory action intended to suppress players, coaches, support staff's Constitutional right of "free speech" through expression and civil public protest...
  9. Emfuser

    Rules updates: Doxxing, bad fellowship, and negativity

    One of the ugliest things that became a regular occurrence on internet communities as the internet grew is doxxing. Digging on people to find their name, their facebook, their photos, their employer, any other sort of personally identifiable information or any combination of those things in...

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