star trek

  1. baboymo

    ENT Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge to guest host Jeopardy on July 26 - 30, 2021.

    ...he should be permanent IMHO. :o
  2. baboymo

    ENT Happy Birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart (80) and Harrison Ford (78).

  3. baboymo

    ENT Lt. Jadzia Dax or Major Kira Nerys?

  4. baboymo

    NASA finds the Starfleet insignia on Mars...

    ...make it so .
  5. baboymo

    ENT Is it cold on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise?

    @Cyan Connect @GlassUser @the_anti_honda @Joe_Cool @hypntyz
  6. the_antsy_honda

    CREW Star Trek Crew Thread and Things

    Start: This is the best ST film in the last 30 years
  7. the_antsy_honda

    Star Trek: Favorite Starship Design?

    For me, it's a tie between the Constitution Refit and the Excelsior Refit I'll post my favorites. Then you post yours! Enterprise A/Constitution Refit: Enterprise B / Excelsior Refit: Which ones do you think are the best designs?
  8. baboymo

    ENT Wolf 359 is a red dwarf nebula about 8 light years from Earth.

    :( @the_anti_honda @Joe_Cool @amalgamas @hypntyz @GlassUser @Cyan Connect
  9. baboymo

    Sir Patrick Stewart prefers Yorkshire Gold...NOT Earl Grey tea.

  10. baboymo

    ENT TNG crew...check out this Andy Gotts print.

    Guessing these’ll cost an arm and a leg since prices are handled through e-mail. :o @Cyan Connect @Joe_Cool @hypntyz @GlassUser @the_anti_honda
  11. baboymo

    ENT On this day in 1990 the GREATEST episode of TNG aired...

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