1. Vatoloco

    Going through my security camera line crossing detection emails, here's me and my dog:

  2. Vatoloco

    Here's my dog this morning as I came back from buying a breakfast burrito:

    Captured from ~4 year old 1920x1080 IP cam on side of house: Another angle from the porch IP camera that is shaded a bit more so it had yet to switch from night to day mode: This is an example of the burrito I came back with: (not the actual burrito but a ham & eggs one from the same...
  3. Vatoloco

    Can anyone with a recent model Tahoe/Suburban/Denali/Escalade/Etc. tell me if it's safe to tap the bottom holes for the rear license plate?

    Yeas, dirty as fuck because it rained today. The two top holes are threaded, the bottom ones aren't and I want to use them but I'm not sure if they are just meant to be standoffs and I'll puncture some wires inside the liftgate if I try screwing them. :dunno: Kthx.

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