1. JaimeZX

    Anyone particularly skilled with jDownloader?

    So. If you check this page, you'll see it has a bunch of links to past shows. I have already grabbed all the MP3s, but if you look at any particular show page, (for example:, you'll see at the bottom is a "Rundown"...
  2. The Great Deceiver

    TECH scroll wheel scrolls opposite half the time ot pc gods please help

    fuckin' logitech this thing will randomly scroll up when scrolling down half the time it's enraging update the firmware but nothign happened. Any other trick or should i just order another one, if so what brand? I have a g403, I casually game FPS so I need similar accuracy
  3. tolomei

    RIP Intel

    Looking forward to the 3950x in September. :eek3:
  4. Meat Popsicle

    ENT How many Oscars is this documentary going to win? v. They Shall Not Grow Old

    Every piece of footage I see about this just completely blows me away. I really, really want to see the full version so I hope it gets an international release. The footage and what they've been able to do with it is absolutely incredible.

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