1. majesty

    🇨🇦 Vancouver, BC crew: My wife and I are gonna be inside you

    We’re staying in downtown near the expo center and don’t have a car. We’re gonna hit up Stanley Park for sure but the rest is undecided. Y’all got any suggestions?
  2. DasVWBabe

    Hawaii's Big Island Trip Photos v. Architecture Crew

    So, back in May, my husband, daughter and my parents all went to the Big Island. I'm (truthfully, all of us) are huge Frank Lloyd Wright fans, I was an architecture major in college for a while, and my Dad has always wanted to stay in a FLW home, though he was hoping for Falling Water. So one...
  3. majesty

    Planning a trip to Costa Rica in September

    Any of y’all been? Suggestions? Thoughts? We’re open to any place in Central America aside from Mexico. We’re thinking of staying at Any suggestions on other places to stay/visit and things to do? We alternatively considered Panama but flights out of...
  4. Dr. Mike

    Travel Crew: What’s good on the big island in Hawaii?

    Never been but flights were basically free ($170 round trip pp) and line up with our anniversary. Don’t really care where we go tbh, just good to get away for a couple days. We enjoy nightlife way too much as it is so I’m thinking about finding a sleepy Airbnb rather than a resort with bars and...
  5. flocc-boi

    One more VCM travel thread: Egypt

    A continuation of my recent Saudi and Jordan thread -- immediately after Aqaba, Jordan, I look the ferry across the Red Sea to Egypt. Honestly, Egypt had been strictly off my radar for years since it has such a negative reputation for being a scam-riddled tourist trap. But I was already so...
  6. flocc-boi

    VCM Travel Time: Saudi Arabia and Jordan

    Sup y'all, haven't made a travel thread in a while, so I'm catching back up a bit while I've got some downtime in Houston atm. Over the last couple of months I've been hanging around the Middle East, mostly because Saudi Arabia recently opened up their tourist visa program and I wanted to get in...
  7. flocc-boi

    [TRAVEL] Vcm goes to Madagascar v. AMA etc

    EDIT: If you're getting redx'ed, I'm copy-pasting this post into multiple parts throughout the thread with local OT uploads since imgbb seems to fuck up on OT after a certain number of posts. I guess some people can see everything, so I'll leave the first post intact as well if it works for you...
  8. phat🐄

    Marriott, the world's largest hotel chain, is eliminating travel-sized toiletries

    Marriott (MAR) announced it's replacing travel-sized tubes of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel with larger bottles in an attempt to reduce plastic waste. The world's largest hotel chain said the switch is part of a larger test that it implemented in some of its North American hotels last year...
  9. Vatoloco

    Google Owns Your Privacy Crew: Time to report how much closer to the moon you got last month!!!

  10. Live4USMC

    F1 crew / Travel crew v. Singapore grand prix

    Any of you bros been or going to the Singapore Grand Prix? Tickets, flights and hotel don’t seem too expensive....
  11. flocc-boi

    [Travel] [AMA] VCM in Lebanon

    Sup guys, it's that time again. This time I'm finished with Lebanon, which I enjoyed immensely. Before I get started, lemme link up my previous threads in case anyone's interested. These have been my travels since July 2018 (I keep meaning to go back and document stuff from earlier in the year...
  12. flocc-boi

    [Travel] [AMA] Pics from Oman

    I'm gonna try to do this one a little differently and update the thread as I go to new places within a country. I arrived in Oman about 5 days ago (my first flight since starting in Shanghai 4 months ago) and this'll start off with my first 3 days spent exploring Muscat. First thoughts: it's...
  13. flocc-boi

    [Travel] [AMA] A few weeks spent in Georgia (the country)

    By mildly popular request, gonna go back and post my Georgia pics (will probably batch Armenia and Azerbaijan in another thread since I spent less time in those two). This was mostly in December, maybe a bit in late November. I can't remember dates for the life of me anymore. Gonna try to spread...
  14. flocc-boi

    [Travel] [AMA] Pictures from traveling through Turkey

    I haven't made one of these in a while and I'm kinda far behind so I'm gonna skip the Caucuses (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) -- though I could go back and do a thread on them later if there's interest -- and post up a bit on Turkey, where I am now (flying out to Oman tomorrow though) Sanilurfa...

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