1. Vatoloco

    TECH Who will win the Tech Wars and become the overlords of the AI machines that control us all?

  2. Rafa86

    Why the fuck does the alt-right hate so much Israel? Are they jealous of Israel?

    i mean, Israel is everything what the alt-right dream of, Israel is a highly developed country with a very strong identity, very strong military, they fully control their borders and their people so the alt-right should love them, but instead they hate Israel more than anything. why? i think...
  3. Rafa86

    Donald Trump The Great is doing you a favor in putting up tariffs on shitty chinese communist steel.

    but some people, mostly libtards, will never understand this because they know nothing about how GREAT THE AMERICAN STEEL IS
  4. Rafa86

    Happy 4th of July! May God Bless The United States Of America The Land Of The Free

  5. Rafa86

    i don't see any problem in companies that rely on shitty chinese steel to be bankrupt, do you?

    This is a good thing because the good ones will last BUY AMERICAN
  6. Rafa86

    Why are libtards always complaining and crying about everything

    Why are they so bitch made? i don't see Trumpkins acting the same way Grow up please, thank you love y'all you're welcome
  7. Rafa86

    For people that know nothing about economics i will explain to you why the US will win the trade war

    First of all: The US is self sufficient, unlike Canada and Mexico Secondly, the Canadian economy depends much more from the US economy than the other way around The Canadian imports PER CAPITA from the USA are much larger than the other way around The USA is, along with China, one of the only...
  8. Rafa86

    Work&love are two most important things to be successful in life. To be Republican is the right way!

    That's why i don't like libtards, because what they defend is free Money to everyone without hard working. If you work hard and be lovely to everyone you will succeed.
  9. Rafa86

    Long Live UNITED STATES OF AMERICA It's impossible not to Love This #fucklibtardsthatwanttoruinUSA

    I will defend the American Way of Life til i die
  10. Mikolas

    US-Russia relations: US hardens their positions

    As is known, in the early hours of 8 April Al Shayrat airfield in Syria was attacked by 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the Navy warships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea (one of them went off course and fell in the sea). According to the official line of the US administration this...
  11. Mikolas

    Putin challenges Trump

    Recent events related to the aggravation of the conflict in Donbas have brought up to date the issue of Russia’s role in erosion of the existing world order. Every barber knows that the so-called DPR and LPR are merely debris of the failed project “Novorossia”. It is an open secret that the...

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