1. Vatoloco

    United Skates [Documentary]

    I was interested in watching this for about the first 45 seconds of the trailer and then it took a racial and political turn real fast... not in the mood for that right now. /blog
  2. Vatoloco

    Can anyone with a recent model Tahoe/Suburban/Denali/Escalade/Etc. tell me if it's safe to tap the bottom holes for the rear license plate?

    Yeas, dirty as fuck because it rained today. The two top holes are threaded, the bottom ones aren't and I want to use them but I'm not sure if they are just meant to be standoffs and I'll puncture some wires inside the liftgate if I try screwing them. :dunno: Kthx.
  3. Vatoloco

    CAR I went out for a car and came back with...

    I have questions about some shit but the main one is what floor liners should I buy? I've read WeatherTech fit well but I hate the ugly fucking logo on them and I also hate the price: kthx
  4. tidbits

    Turns out people get angry when you say white Americans are terrorists, too

    source: https://www.pri.org/stories/2015-07-08/turns-out-people-get-angry-when-you-say-white-americans-are-terrorists-too
  5. Thoughts on the State of our Culture and the 2016 Election

    Finally had the "talk" I've been mentioning for a while. I have been asked, repeatedly, about my views on the election, voting, and all the controversy swirling around voters and Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton. I will be out of town for nearly three weeks, to "have the talk." About 80% of...

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