windows 10

  1. Vatoloco

    ENT TECH I'm putting together a new htpc/server/plex/kodi/torrent machine. Going with Intel and Nvidia. Suggestions appreciated. šŸ–„

    Long mind explosion ahead, can skip to cliffs or bail on thread now: This thread will probably end up being mostly me talking to myself as I come up with various parts, second guess myself, make changes, babble on about things I don't know about, etc. BUT I really do want help in building a new...
  2. Vatoloco

    TECH Windows Defender Now Offers Ultra Secure Sandbox Mode, Hereā€™s How To Turn It On [How-To Geek]

    Has anyone turned this on or do you prefer to wait until all the beta testing is done and Microsoft forces Defender into a sandbox mode in an update 6+ months from now? Windows...
  3. Vatoloco

    TECH Uh, why can't I update NVIDIA drivers from the installed control panel anymore?

    I was thinking it had been a long time since I had a prompt for a GPU driver update... I was thinking maybe Windows Update was taking care of it but I checked the version and I was on 390.xx and went to nvidia's website and the latest available was 399.xx. I couldn't find a way to force the...
  4. Vatoloco

    When my desktop dings like I've got a notification or error message but can't find anything...

    :mad: No pop-up windows. Nothing new in the notification center. No windows to be found in Alt+Tab or Task View. No speaker icons showing up on any of my browser tabs. It must have been a virus! :noes:
  5. Twat Waffle

    WTF is with Windows updates?

    Every freaking day there is some shitty updates are coming. Annoying as faq. iOS is far better than Windows in terms of annoying freaking updates.
  6. Vatoloco

    TECH I hate the Windows File Explorer Details Pane. Microsoft should make it more useful.

    So shit like that which is too long to see the entire file name shouldn't also ... away in the details pane to the right. There's no reason it can't take up multiple lines to show me the entire name. :mad: It also worked much better in Windows 7- or whenever it used to have the details pane...
  7. Vatoloco

    TECH Disabling bitlocker takes forever...

    It's been running almost an hour and only 30% done. :wtc: That's even an SSD (cheap 840 EVO). I probably didn't even need to do it. I'm switching to a new PC and will be using this drive just to transfer over some of my documents/etc. and then formatting it to use as a backup drive. Reading...
  8. Vatoloco

    Installing Windows 10 onto a new hdd in the same computer?

    I don't want to clone the existing to the new one. I want to download the latest version (Windows 10 1703) to copy onto a bootable CD or USB stick and install the OS onto the new SSD. I found this to get my old key (but it's from a 3 year old article so I'm not sure windows 10 was the target...
  9. Vatoloco

    Windows 10 1703: Anyone know why these keyboard shortcuts aren't working?

    I've had Ctrl+Alt+1 through 4 set to launch a quick look at my camera streams via VLC and it use to work fine. I think it stopped when I took the creators update. Other custom keyboard shortcuts I've set still work fine (like Ctrl+Alt+S for snippet, Ctrl+Shift+N for Notepad, etc.). All those...
  10. Vatoloco

    Windows experts: How do I rename "Network 7"

    Changing the name of the "Ethernet 2" part is easy, you just right click > rename but I can't find out where the Network 7 part is coming from. On my primary ethernet connection, I was somehow able to rename it to "Notyours" (at least I think I did that) but that was along time ago and I don't...

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