1. Vatoloco

    TECH I need a non-Logitech mouse that has all the features and ergonomics of the Logitech MX Master

    Mine spazzes out and jumps around the screen and/or isn't response at random times that is become ever more increasing. It's annoying the living fuck out of me. I've googled for numerous solutions and tried basically all of them I've found with no luck. Uninstalled the software, uninstalled the...
  2. Vatoloco

    TECH Unboxing and initial setup of a $25.98 (shipped) 1080p WiFi Security Camera -- Wyze [NOT A VIDEO]

    I'm going old school review/tutorial/setup guide with TEXT and IMAGES only! No fucking YouTube video that I'm trying to monetize. There are plenty of those for this and basically every other product and I'm starting to get pissed that youtube videos are basically the only thing you can find now...
  3. Vatoloco

    Switch from my $104/mo VZW unlimited grandfathered plan to a friends $30/mo TMO corporate plan?

    I've been paying Verizon way too much for way too long and I'm not one of those people who uses 100's of gigabytes of mobile data a month. It's actually pretty rare that I ever go over 30 gigabytes. A good friend is switching his personal and work phones from AT&T to T-Mobile and said he can...

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