Oct 12, 2001
Nashville, TN
🤪HAPPY🎉INCOCKGURATION🇺🇸🍆DAY😩💦the🧘‍♀️day☀️has😂finally🙌CUM🍆💦Hoe Biden👴🏻😏🇺🇸💦💦and🤗 Cumala👩🏽💦Harris💦😏will😏 beCUM🎉📈the president😛🍆🇺🇸🇺🇸and vice president 🤩💦💦🍑🍑of the united🇺🇸states™️🇺🇸and 📤deliver✉️📨 on their cum💦paign💦promises of making 🇺🇸🍆🍑america 👙slutty👙again‼️😩legislation✍️will 😛pass💦through🧑‍⚖️congress👩‍⚖️making📈📈🎉dick💦sucking💋👄a🤩federal😜👅requirement👅and 💦sexecutive 🍆orders😫will ✍️✍️be🐝signed✍️to ensure🇺🇸™️™️the police🚓👎🏻are promoted 🤩to the🤪THOT👱‍♀️👙patrol👮‍♀️🚔send this to 1️⃣0️⃣of your😎sluttiest 😹👏🧚‍♀️patriots🇺🇸 if you get 1️⃣0️⃣back your 💦first 📈in 🍆line for the😫presidential 👯‍♂️sucSEXcion😫 if you get 5️⃣back😹you👱‍♀️will be 😫prostituted😲in 🤝congress 🍆💦🍑if you get 0️⃣ back the 😫thot👱‍♀️patrol 🇺🇸👮‍♀️will be😹😹😹at 🚔👏🏻your 👎🏻door🚪


Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa
OT Supporter
Aug 10, 2005
Need a ton of nose patrons to fix my head after seeing this
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May 17, 2000
Having advertised a POZZING PARTY, I had 4 guys cum over—2 POZ (self-included), 3 NEGS and 3 No-Shows. No one except I, as Host, was absolutely certain of each Reveler’s Status; and that I had to know, to guarantee fair treatment of the NEGS.

The first guy to arrive, one of the NEGS, went down on me. We 69’d; and that's when Stud #2, a POZ Dude like myself, arrived. He got on his knees to rim the NEG’s Mancunt. That aroused the NEG, who deep-throated me insatiably.

Ten minutes later, two other NEGS arrived, a Latino and a short fem Blonde. I told the former to lock the door, so we could go at each other uninterrupted.

NEG #1, the one with whom I’d 69’d, announced he wanted to get fucked. That was all he had to say—because we literally dragged him down the stairs, and threw him in my Sling.

One after another, we fucked his pretty bubble Butt, cumming inside him, Spooge spilling out onto the carpet. I whispered to the other POZ Dude to let the two NEGS have at him, so that the Hole we inherited would hopefully be well-used and abraded. I think he took the hint as to who was NEG and who was POZ.

The Bottom moaned that he was gonna shoot. I shoved my oozing Dick between his lips. He groaned louder, arched his back, and shot his last NEG Load all over his chest!

The two NEGS standing over him, creamed on his Pubes, while the POZ guy pumped his acrid Jizm up his Rectum. It was just too much for me to bear. I shot my POZ Seed deep down his gullet. I and the POZ Top slumped onto the Bottom in the Sling. The NEGS sat down. We were all spent.

The NEG Latino guy announced he, too, wanted a Load up his Asshole. The four of us lined up to fuck him in the Sling. We alternated biting his Nips, fucking his face, and making him eat our Pussies.

After about 4 hours, a couple beers and joints, the guys were pretty well exhausted. One by one they trailed off for home, except for the fem NEG Blonde. When we were alone he confided, ”I’ve always wanted to be raped.”

"No problem," I said, cognizant that you can't really “rape” the willing. But I was more than apt to give it a shot.

So I led him down the stairs and handcuffed him. I had some rope hanging from the ceiling, and tied the cuffs to it, suspending him, his arms behind his back. He started to complain, so I grabbed an old jock strap and shoved it between his teeth. I punched him in the stomach (none too hard), lambasting him, “You’re my meat now! I couldn't care less how bad you feel!”

I lubed up his Pussy with my special blend of butter-flavored Crisco, Baby Oil, and Ambusol (an over-the-counter toothache medication) and started fingering his Prostate, making his pretty Cock bounce hard as a rock.

I progressed to 2 fingers, still working on his Prostate, making his Cock bob frenetically. When I went for 3 fingers, he started squirming and protesting. He flinched and groaned, and tried to scream through the fabric of the jock strap. When I inserted the 4th finger, he jumped sky high and got twisted up cause of the cuffs.

I used my free hand to grab the Poppers bottle and opened it with my teeth. I held it to his nostrils for 15 seconds, force-feeding him an enormous hit. Intoxicated by the Inhalant, his Ass loosened up enough so I could get my thumb in, too.

I grabbed the Crisco and relubed the portion of my hand that wasn’t up his Ass. Applying all the pressure I could muster, I shoved my Duke completely up his Pussy! He squirmed and twisted, trying to pull off.

My primal instincts got the best of me. I didn’t give a shit whom or what got hurt. It was Him or Me—Do or Die, with Me Doing or Him Dying. I was determined to subjugate the Dude.


He was breathing really hard—almost hyperventilating. To my amazement, I was already in him up to my wrist! My Cock was raging. With my free hand I grabbed his Dick, which had gone soft, and jerked It rhythmically, while I plowed my other Fist in and out of his pretty blonde Manpussy.

I wrapped my arm around him real tight and aimed my rock hard Cock at the Hole in which my digits were concealed. On the third attempt I got my Shaft in beside my curled up palm and his Ass Walls. He moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure, but mostly pain.

Once I got my Dick in him, I fucked him with a real fury! When I got pretty close, I wanted him to shoot. I love the feel of being inside an Ass when a Dude Cums. Makes me Cum, too.

As my left hand jerked and yanked his Shaft, I fucked him with a vengeance. I felt his tension mount, his back arch, and his legs stiffen. I pumped till he began to yelp behind the Jock Strap.

His Cock, by then as hard as any Shaft can get, bounced up and down and twitched maniacally as I jacked him off. Precum drooled through my fingers, as my other hand kept on drilling at his Hole while simultaneously my Cock slid in and out of him. He wailed with short, arrhythmic bursts. His Dickhead lurched as he shot his first wave of NEG orgasmic Nectar.

I plowed his Ass, getting very close to spurting. His Cock kept on twitching with spirited thrusts, spitting out NEG ManJuice as I pumped It.

I bawled that I, too, was gonna shoot. He ejaculated further. Our mutual Orgasms seemed to go on forever. I shot a huge diseased Load up his Ass, filling him with pure unmedicated Virus.

Within him, I could feel the deceptive warmth of my cold contaminated Jizm as it splashed against my hand. NEG Cream dribbled down my wrist as his Rod spurted more unadulterated ManSeed with each convulsion. I teased his Cock Head with my fingernail, tantalizing him still further. I used my hand inside his Pussy to milk every drop of toxic Spooge from my sadistic Tool, spilling each and every septic Glob onto his Innards.

Once our stores were mutually depleted, I withdrew hand and Shaft from his ravaged Pussy. When I untied the cuffs, he fell to the floor. I removed the jock strap.

“MY GOD!” he bellowed, but before he could finish what he was saying, I shoved his face onto my Rod so he could drain the last remaining drops of Bug-Infested Semen.

Once I was sure I had passed along all the Sick Spunk I had to offer, I grabbed the key. His wrists were raw, abraded by the cuffs; and I applied Absorbine Junior. That must have stung because he flinched.

He stayed the night with me, and I fucked him at 3 more times before he left, each time ejaculating blighted Spooge into his Mancunt. He promised to Cum to my Party in December. Perhaps by then, he, too, will have something POZITIVE to offer.


Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa
OT Supporter
Aug 10, 2005
This fucking dork lives in Tampa? :bowrofl: just lmk I still got shooters down there say the word

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