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    I did not want to hijack that other guys post so I made this one.

    I looked at that site for them Stryke subs you put up. The 15's have and Fs of 16Hz!!! I seen that and I was like jesus is that low. How do they sound? I mean you can not beat the price. Do you know anything about the componants they sell. I seen the have a 7 inch midrange.

    Ps - thanks for the comments about knowing the Thiele/small parameters thing. Hope you guys don't mind me sharing some of what I know and asking what I don't know yet. I have competed for about 3 years now, but I think I just want to enjoy car audio now.
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    Yeah, they are extremely low, because they were originally designed for home audio use. They sound excellent. The SAE 1204 that I own is an extremely nice driver, and is very similar to the adire shiva and dayton dvc, except it has 2mm less xmax, and has a higher quality cast frame instead of a stamped one.

    Their components are used for home speakers too. His email should be on the website, he is usually very quick to respond and is very knowledgeable.

    :big grin: I am just glad a few other people know what TS params are.

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