A&P 1.2mb file - requesting name of city.

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by JazzHound, May 24, 2003.

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    San Francisco

    it's not taken with multiple timelapsed pics, it's just one picture. probably a 15-25 second shutter speed.

    it's a crappy camera too. there is sooo much noise in the picture


    here is an example LINK
    just something i pulled off google to show you that it's SF.
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  3. JazzHound

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    I can't even see the Golden Gate Bridge in your example! :fawk:

    Well, I didn't know you could achieve shots like those with long exposures. I'm gonna try that with my S300 Elph.
  4. TypeSDragoon

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    it's on the far right ;)

    use a tri-pod, set your timer for several seconds, that way you can push the button and not be touching your camera in anyway when the shutter opens to start capturing the picture.

    ISO 100-200
    Apurture 11-16~
    20-30 second shutter speed

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