1 sub or 2??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by WooleyBooger, Jul 20, 2004.

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    I was wondering what the difference would really be in using 1 or 2 subs, either 10's or 12's?

    I have an ext cab chevy truck if that helps. I was basically wanting to know if it would be more worth it to buy one sub and put a better amp on it, or two and a more inferior amp. I was thinking about going with ID V3's which ever size/quantity i decide on. Do you guys see a better choice for my application (more for SQ than SPL).

    And what amp would be a good choice on a budget of no more than $300 for amps and subs?

    So basically there are 2 questions here, 1 or 2 subs...and a good choice for my truck with that budget.
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    I would personally buy 2 woofers if I had the space and use a less expensive amplifier. However, if you are looking to spend no more than 300 dollars, I dont think you would be able to get 2 of those ID woofers and an amplifier.
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    If I had only $300 to spend I would go with this:

    1 ID 12v.3/d4 - $136 - shipped

    1 HiFonics Warrior Merlin - $155 + shipping

    total $291 + shipping

    I helped install this combo into a friends extra cab dakota. The sub is in a 1.5cuft sealed box and is getting about 300w/rms from the amp. IMO it sounds very good and gets more then loud enough for me.

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