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    Im looking to pick up a power converter to run a ps2 in my truck, right now i have small 200watt convertor. i dont think that thats a big enough one to run the ps2. what should i look for in purchasing a converter? what brands are better then other? about how many watts do i need to run a ps2 only.and features that i should look for? and also, i am guessing that i need one that wires direct and not one that plugs into the lighter socket. i tried the 200 watt one and it worked fine but i only had it running for like 2 min, just long enough to boot the ps2and make sure my screens worked properly,but i wanted to question this subject before i damaged something.

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    Make sure you've got enough room for a TV, too. I'd say get at least a 350watt. I saw an APC brand converter for $69 at Amazon, I think. You should be able to find the power ratings on the back of the unit, near the AC power jack.

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