A&P 14 days left. help w/ canon purchase.

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    canon sx100 questions *update w/ pics*

    well, i bought a canon sx100is today. it takes clear pictures at full zoom, but, somehow, i think if i have 500 bucks to spend, i could probably purchase something better than this camera. i'm by no means looking for a crazy camera. i like a point and shoot camera, with easy options to do some portrait pics and car photos. i'm a huge fan of the close shot in focus with the background blurry, but have yet to figure out how to do it. yeah, i'm that new. but, in the range of 300-450, what other cameras would you guys recomend for someone starting out?

    main needs are:

    good optical zoom
    image stabilizer
    not huge
    not tiny and breakable
    easy to use
    good quality auto
    video, maybe

    i have 14 days to return this powershot sx100, so, any help or opinions would be great. and if this camera is actually a good camera, lemme know. there aren't many reviews i could find online about it. thanks.
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    look at the canon s5
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    step 1: return camera if you dont have to incur any repackaging fees or shit like that
    step 2: take a walk to the local library or bookstore and peruse the photography section
    step 3: look for beginners/photography for dummies
    step 4: read and understand
    step 5: go down to local camera store where the employees might know something about cameras and take a look at their selection
    step 6: purchase what you want

    sounds like you might be in the market for soemthing like the canon G9
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    i saw the canon S5 there but the guy said it was a hundred bucks more than the sx100 and all ya got was a 12x zoom instead of the 10x. i don't think they had the G9 but i will do some research on that camera. does anyone know if the sx100 is a good camera for a beginner or should i just return it? and yeah, 15% restock fee :(
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    well, my indoor shots weren't coming out great, so i think i have things to learn about lighting and indoor settings, but i wanted to post some resized outdoor pics i just took. also included some to show the 10x zoom. opinioins?


    pumpkin again

    no zoom at all

    zoom on TV speaker grill

    zoom on candle holder to the right of the TV
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    the pictures you posted are funny to me for some reason
  8. Bloody Sunday

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    hmmm, what should i take a picture of?




    candle holder.

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    i've had the camera for 10 hours, and i JUST woke up. really wasn't planning on hunting for "can't miss photo opportunities." just messing with it, seeing what it can do.
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    mmk, well i have some questions. can anyone give this to me in laymens terms? i've tried looking stuff up and, most of the terms they use are whats confusing me in the first place, so in turn, i don't seem to get anywhere. what do these adjustable settings mean?

    15", 13", 10", all the way to 1/1600. all i see when i mess with it, is it gets darker as it gets closer to 1/1600. what exactly does that do, and what circumstances would be appropriate to use 15" and 1/1600, and what should normal shooting be at?

    F2.8, F3.2, F3.5, etc all the way to F 8.0. haven't really seen much difference with this. i think it has something to do with the amount of focus and lack thereof in manual and AV modes. what circumstances would be appropriate to use the smallest and highest settings, and what exactly does adjusting that do?

    ISO Auto, 80, 100, etc all the way to 1600. again, what exactly does that mean in laymens terms, and what should i be using normally, and when would it be appropriate to adjust that to 80, to 1600, higher, lower, etc. i have it set on Auto right now.

    then there is a +- 0 and when i turn the dial, i can go to -2 up to +2. what is that?

    Safety FE?

    Safety Shift?

    Auto ISO Shift?

    MF Point Zoom?

    Safety MF?

    AF Mode?

    Also, Could anyone give me a rundown on what all these dial settings are used for? Manual, Program, TV, AV. the others are self explanitory.

    i know alot of people will reply with "omfg noob, read the manual." well i have, for 2 hours, and when they use terms i don't know, reading doesn't quite clarify anything for me, which is why i'm asking for the laymens rundown. i'm just starting off with this. thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Shutter speed.
    Think of it like your eyelid. How fast you blink but in reverse.
    Its how fast the shutter opens and closes.
    The faster (1/1600th of a second) the shutter is the less light it will let in.
    The slower (15 seconds) the more light it lets in.

    Slow is good for indoors where there is less light.
    The slower it is the more your hand shake will effect the blur if the image.
    The slower it is the more people have to stand still.
    This is how you get the blurry indoor photos. The camera has a slow shutter speed to get the light it needs indoors and people move or the camera moves.

    Fast is good fr outside in the sun where light is abundant.
    Its good for making the photo look like its stopped.
    If you take a photo of a moving car at 1/30 the wheels and possibly the car will be blurred by its motion.
    At 1/700 it will look frozen in time.

    This if this as your iris in your eyeball.
    The lower the number the WIDER open the black hole in your eye is.
    Bigger the hole the more light it lets in.
    The smaller the hole (higher number) the less light it lets in.

    Combined with shutter speed the "aperture" or "fstop" numbers you are referring to is how you achieve exposure.

    For example... inside your house.

    1/60 f3.2 might be a good exposure.
    Slow shutter, wide aperture. Lets in tons of light.

    Change the shutter to 1/600 and the shot is too dark.
    Change the F-Stop(aperture) to F8 and the shot will be too dark aslo.
    Both changes you are reducing light.

    There is other thinks like field of depth that is an important part of the fstop but you can read books to figure that shit out.

    ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor.
    The higher the number the less light you need.
    So say your inside and its really dim.
    That 1/60 3.2 setting might not cut it.
    So you lower it to 1/60 2.8 and still need more light.

    You could lower it to 1/10 or even 2" but there is no way you can hand hold that and get a sharp image.... so what do you do?
    You crank up the ISO which makes the sensor more sensitive and allows that 1/60 2.8 to be a properly exposed setting.

    But there is a cost to this magic!
    The higher the ISO the more noise you will get in your photo.
    Noise is the little shitty looking miss colors all in the photo.

    the +2 -2 shit is your exposure adjustment.
    Its an easy way to adjust your expose up or down 1 or 2 stops without doing all the math in your head.

    start reading my friend...
    I have read well over 50 photog books to get what I have in my head.
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    i really appreciate it man. I'm gonna have to figure out where the library is in this town and go check out some books. cuz its one thing to know what they do, which is great, but its another to know how they all work with each other to get the desired effects and good picture quality.
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    2500, did you end up keeping this camera? if not, what did you end up going with?

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