16bit and 24bit only?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JazzHound, Oct 21, 2002.

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    I'm in the midst of a major purchase for my audio setup. Just a quick background on my project. The computer will be the entertainment hub and one of the components is an external sound board. I had my eye on the SoundBlaster Extigy which has had some mixed reviews but is still a front runner for me at this point. I just found out Yamaha makes one as well which looks 100 times better but also cost more.

    I'm reading the review and they say most DVD movies and music are encoded in 16bit so 24bit (which both unit claims competency) is only for people who actually do recording/mixing/etc.

    Here's what I don't get. My MP3s are 128kbit! and 44khz, but these units are only 24bit max! I know I'm missing the translation somewhere, so what gives ?
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    Heres the thing. MP3 at 128kbit is refering to a bitrate, or the amount of space a song takes up. It takes 128,000bits per second for that song, so however long your song is, you multiply it by that number, and that is your filesize (I am generalizing here). For a 16bit redbook audio cd, the bitrate is 16 bits * the sampling rate, which is 44.1khz so 16*44,100. Your bitrate on a redbook audio cd is 705kbits, but since it is stereo, it is double that.
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    thx guys, good to see you back grump. that explaines a whole lot.

    what do you think of this unit as a audio component, beyond just playing mp3s i mean?
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    Thanks grump, got your msg.

    This is the actual unit I'm looking at. hope this works

    No mention whether or not there is an AMP but I recall reading reviews it said it did.

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