GUN 1911 Mag follower or slide stop problem?

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  1. So I was out playing around with my first large batch of reloads today. I came across a failure that I had yet to see, but have read about. When I fired the last round and the slide went back to lock, the mag follower actually slid around the slide stop and jammed the slide about halfway back. I was using Wilson 47T mags when this happened. There were 2 that were giving me problems regularly. When I get home and stripped the pistol I stuck a mag in and found the slide stop to follower engagement to be pretty iffy. All 6 of the followers looked like they were on the verge of slipping around the slide stop. Below is a pic of the engagement between the slide stop and the follower. Is this a problem with my followers or my slide stop?

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    You dont have another brand magazine to test out?
  3. I have some 47Ds that seem fine, and I have the mag the gun came with... I should have figured to try that one. I'll brb. :o
  4. Here's the engagement on the 47D mags:

    And here's the shitty mag the gun came with. I have never actually fired rounds from this mag, so I don't know if so little engagement would cause problems or not.

    The 47Ds look fine, the slide stop makes full contact. The stock mag looks kind of iffy.

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