1984 BMW 318i

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    Going to be picking this gem up in the next day or two for use as a commuter car. 30+ MPG vs. 17 MPG in the Cherokee. $600. Really can't argue with it because it runs like a champ and is in reasonably decent condition for a 24 year old vehicle. Lines are nice and for the most part, straight. A few minor dents here and there, but for $600, I can overlook most of that.

    Anyhow, any suggestions on making the paint shine a bit more? I currently have some OP that I'd like to hopefully use. Up close, the scratches and swirls aren't terribly bad, at least not as bad as some I've seen posted here. :ugh: Is old BMW paint terribly hard or soft in comparison to most others? Of course, I'll take some before and after pics. Don't ecpect much in the form of interior, that thing is almost shot from a 400# driver. :rofl:

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    Older BMW paint isn't as hard as the newer cars, so it shouldn't be too bad to correct.
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    It's likely the 400 pound driver jacked up the suspension, and have the u-joints checked as well. Before I blew the head on my 325 ES that was all it had needed.

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