1988-1989 Mercedes 560 SEC?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by 02CivicsiR, Jun 17, 2004.

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    Does anyone have any experiences with these or a similar model? I'd like to hear about the maintenance, reliabiliy, ride, etc. :naughty: Thanks.
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    I know a lot about them. 5.6 L around 250HP (300 some for european model). not the fastest thing since they have 2nd gear start. look if it is hydralic suspension since those can be problematic and can go out and cost u a lot of money. people sometimes change them out to normal suspension (not so sure if they use em but i know the 560SEL do and they are on the sam chassis)

    it is a true split window coupe. meaning the rear quarter panel window and the side windows go down and it looks pretty cool. as for maintainance and reliability it all depends the cheapest mercedes will be the most expensive mercedes you own. meaning that u need to get a well taken cared of one with full records. if they sell it for cheap that could mean there is a few stuff need to be done to it and anything fixed on a S-Class Coupe will cost u a lot.

    as for the Ride, it is a highway cruiser and they are not quick (like i said 2nd gear start) but they will cruise over 100MPH all day. thats what they are made for. for me they are the last well made S-Class (w126) the W140 tends to have a lot of electrical and gadget problems. i own a 84 300SD and it rides on the same chassis as well. u should ask www.mercedesshop.com if u are thinking about buying one.
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    thats a sweet rig

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