CAR 1989 jeep cherokee laredo yay or nay?


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Oct 14, 2006
DFW, Texas.
Been looking for a nice used truck for getting back and forth to work and school, would think about getting it lifted later on. This any good jeep crew??:x:

1989 Red Cherokee laredo - $1500

Got a 1989 red Jeep Cherokee laredo.. Runs and drives Perfect... Nothing at all wrong with it.. I am willing to sell the vehicle as a whole but no low ball offers.. Looking to get 1500 for the whole thing.. Remember it has about 10k miles on the rebuild.. The title will take about a week to get settled out and i have it in hand.. Also the headliner is not in it.. I have it, But its cut in 4 pieces and needs fiberglassed.. Plan on doin that soon.. needs to be tagged And Inspected Also.. I dodnt see the point in getting it renewed while the jeep stayed in Ft.worth While I moved to beaumont..

4.0 inline 6 engine,AW4 automatic transmission and transfer case were all rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago.. The tranny was slippin, The transfer case was rebuilt for no other reason than since it was already out might as well... The engine was rebuilt because it had 135k miles on it.. No major component failure or anything... Body panels all good.. Just send an e-mail with a request and offer and i'll get back to you..

Dana30 front
dana35 Rear
3.55 axle ratio
inline 6 4.0 engine
Aw4 4-speed automatic transmission
Instrument cluster with a tach
New Catalytic Converter
15" Aluminum Wheels
Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System
New Lock-Up Torque Converter
All new sensors on engine
New Fuel Injectors
New Fuel Rail
Just bout everything you can think of regarding the engine is new

Got everthing you need..

Also got a 2000 Front and rear bumpers, Black grille



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Apr 21, 2005
in your balloon knot
but it ... if the motor was rebuilt 10k ago, then you have about another 240k to go before you start getting any more serious problems ... the aw4 is a good tranny for the most part, they do slip a little earlier than others, but they are good ... should have a 21 spline Tcase (np231) and not the 23 spline, but for a DD it doesnt matter ... headliner is not a big deal, you dont need it anyway,

the mere fact that he was smart enough to have the tcase rebuilt even without any mentioned problems tells me he (or she) took very good care of the vehicle and is knowledgeable in vehicle maintenance .... do make sure it would pass a smog inspection before you buy it(if you have to deal with that) as the older engines have problems with it ...

id buy it for 1500 (-) the cost of registration fees, title sales fees, and inspection fees ....

if he says no to that ... then id still buy it for 1500 ... sounds like a good deal


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Jan 23, 2006
doesn't sound like a bad deal considering the 89 cherokee limited i just bought for 100 is going to need about that in parts and repair to get it running good again :)

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