1994 Acura Integra Sedan

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    1994 Acura Integra LS Sedan

    V-Spec Version II Adjustable Coilover Springs
    Tokico Performance Shocks
    Suspension Techniques 24mm Front Anti-Sway Bar
    Suspension Techniques 19mm Rear Anti-Sway Bar
    Tenzo Front Upper Strut Tower Brace
    OEM Integra Front Upper Strut Tower Brace
    Tenzo Rear Upper Strut Tower Brace
    Comptech Rear Lower Tie Bar
    OEM Integra 15 inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels (1994)
    Pirelli P700-Z 205/50-15 tires
    Ingalls Front Camber Correction Kit
    Rear Camber Correction (Washers)

    K&N Style Short Ram Intake
    Custom Cold Air Intake Tubing (Front Air Dam)
    DC Sports Ceramic Headers
    RS*R 2.75 inch Cat-Back Exhaust System
    DINAN Performance ECU

    Billet Oil Cap
    Billet Battery Tie
    Painted Side Skirts White
    Type R Front Lip Spoiler
    Painted “Integra” Lettering
    Front License Plate Hole Caps
    Painted Brake Calipers Red

    Stock Halogen Headlights and High Beams
    Amber Turn Signals and Clear Corners (Not Installed)
    Focuz 2500 Amber Halogen Fog Lamps
    Brighter Dome and Trunk Lights
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    Wow mang, you kick ass!! I have a 95 LS sedan as well!!! I have much respect and props for you!!!!! Here's a pic of my baby!!!
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    nice car :)
  4. 94integrals

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    Yeah, I second [email protected]! Nice car... I really like the tint you have. Those big wheels are tight too! How big are they? 18s? Yeah, I like sedans a lot... I kinda want to upgrade to some stiffer springs and shocks. Maybe custom spring rate Ground Controls with KONI yellow adjustable shocks... or if I have the cash, some nice TEIN or ZEAL coilovers :big grin:
  5. Thanks mang! They are Racing Hart D6000s.......17s........I have Neuspeed Sport springs and KYB AGX 4way adjustable shocks......nice and stiff and very responsive......but not too stiff and not bouncy at all. My tint looks funny in that pic......looks like two different colors or something cause of the different tint percentages. But thanks for the props just the same!!! :big grin:
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    hehehe, thanks for the compliments, but I wish my car was a GS-R :) It is actually an LS, but I have fun with it anyhow. Maybe if I have engine trouble one day, I will drop a Type R motor in :big grin:

    Actually, I thought about getting a set of big nice looking wheels, but I decided that I didn't want to sacrifice acceleration with larger wheels, so I went with the 94-95 GS-R wheels. Those were my favorite wheels since the beginning, anyways. I actually bought these from a guy who had them on his civic, so he left the Honda center caps on them. I decided that they looked just fine, so I left them there :) So, yeah... I guess you can just go buy the Honda ones for your car or something. I love the 94-95 GS-R wheels... I think they look good on civics and CRXs too... nice choice.
  7. 94integrals

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    I don't think the wheels actually come with Hs since they are Acura wheels, but you might be able to get the H centercaps from a set of Honda alloy wheels... or from the dealer.

    So what is it that sucks about the GCs? Are they too stiff? what kind of shocks are you running with them?

    Our cars look nice when they are nice and low, but when it comes to big potholes and bumps on the freeway.... ouch! hehe
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    GC's ride fine as long as you run good shocks with them and dont drop the car 3"
    irresponsible kid weren't you running non-adj tokico's?
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    Nice sedans everyone. Is it me or do lowerd 4drs look so much better than the 2drs. Here is my 94 teg.
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  11. Hey bro, I think I've seen you rollin around Tallahassee......seeing as there are not too many yellow 4 doors around. I'm in Tally too.
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    What size rims are you running JuVi, some 18's on that would be tight as fuk.

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