1998 BMW 328i

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    So my dad's probably buying a Jag and getting rid of his 98 BMW 328i. I am in the market for a car. Its getting more and more likely that, after paying a heavily reduced price, I'll take it off his hands, since they'd be helping me buy a car anyways (now they're just helping me buy a car they already happen to own).

    My question is, considering that it is in very good condition, and has been meticulously maintained, what can I expect annual maintenance costs to be?

    Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
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    I have a 97 328i 5spd...

    here goes on some normal maintence and parts costs:

    Clutch - Complete OEM clutch job by stealer - around $500, although if yours i a manual and you do decide to change the clutch, have them atleast put in an M3 clutch. The m3 and 328 both share the same zf tranny, but the 328 clutch is garbage.

    Oil - 7 Quarts Mobil 1 0w40\oem ngk sparks\oem filter\diy - $70 a lot more if done by shop

    Tires - will cost around 500-800 on a full set + balancing and such depending on what tire you decide on. I recommend bridgestone S0-3's or RE730/750

    Brakes - front rotors\pads\sensors + installation - $500 It's not difficult to do the brakes on your own... without paying labor you can throw on a good set of brembo rotors and hawk pads all the way around for $500 or so. Insane stopping power.

    My 5spd made around 20mpg street during "daily driving" and a solid 15mpg during highly spirited romps\autox

    Why don't you just ask your dad what he spend on the car annually? :) If you still have unanswered questions let me know. btw.. dune was a badass movie.

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