1999 dodge ram

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    no good pics as of now.. will edit this post when i have some diffrent ones..

    1999 Intesne Blue 2WD 3.9L V6

    3.90 gears, 3 inch suspension lift, Pro Comp ES3000 shocks, Pro Comp ES2000 steering stabilizer, waag grill guard, PIAA platinum H.I.D. headlights, K&N Gen II, fastman throttle body, autolite 3923s gapped @ 40, accel rotor, accel dist. cap, jacobs 8.5mm wires, 180 degree hypertech t-stat, 16x8 monster mod rims w/4.25 back spacing, 285/75/R16 BFG mud terrains, MPC 3-pc bug deflector, nerf bars, KC Highlights, dodge floor mats, dual 3 inch exhaust, draw-tite hitch, yellow wire loom, eclipse 6x9s.

    soon to add --
    superlift tru-speed
    jba headers
    new exhaust from headers back w/2.5 inch pipes
    IAT re-location
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    nice truck bro :cool:
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    thanks man

    :big grin:
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    :bigthumb: When are we taking the good pics, man? ;)
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    hehe you tell me.. how bout next sat? i gets paid on friday.. will have her all washed and shiney on sat..
  7. Parabola

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    Next sat. may be cool, I won't know until then but just lemme know when you are ready we'll make time. :bigthumb:
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    works for me... will get ahold of ya via pm and give ya my number.. if something comes up lemme know.. we can go from there..
  9. Short Bus

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    Apr 17, 2001
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    Nice truck...

    ...but you need to show us pictures of you running over shit. It's also too damn clean! Go drive through some mud or something. :big grin:
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    LOL thanks man, yeah she was just washed in that pic.... i will have some good mud pics if ever rains again this summer..
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    okay 2 more pics.. better ones will follow....
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    i think im gonna :barf:
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    and your point?
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    i think that means your car makes him sick, i could be wrong though:p
  16. Guest

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    i know what it means.. i asked if he had point to what he was saying... guess not.. no biggie...
  17. HPS

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    Nov 9, 2000
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    Elgin, TX (Right by Austin)
    :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: Sup Hoss :big grin::big grin::big grin:

    Damn nice bro... But you already knew I loved it lol:fawk:
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    Pristine, Beautiful, Paradise of Haiti
    A V6 to boot, how well does that work in the mud? :big grin:
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    hehe not to shabby.. thou she cant handle the deep mud holes.. but she can still hold her own with the V8s

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